If you can dream it, we can create it.
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        If you can dream it, we can create it.

Tasty pieces of art for every occasion.

Tasty pieces of art for every occasion.

At Rosebud Specialty Cakes we believe that baking is a science, decorating is an art, and cake decorating is the beautiful marriage between the two. We love baking delicious, stunning cakes for all occasions. From weddings to birthdays, baby showers to graduation parties, holidays and everything in between. We sculpt cake toppers for those who just want to keep it simple. But, if complexity is your desire, fear not! We can create multitudes of edible flower arrangements, intricate piping , and even fondant moldings that take your breath away. Want to go mini? No problem!  Cupcakes are always a fun alternative. Cake pops are also very popular right now and we have wasted no time at getting in on the action. They're transportable, unique, and super fun to eat! The possibilities are endless. On a diet or food restriction? Don't worry! We bake cakes for all diets, including gluten free, sugar free and dairy free. Please browse our gallery and service pages and send us a picture of your dream cake, because there is nothing we wont do for you and your dream. If you can dream it, we can create it.
.Customized Cakes

A cake for all diets.

We make a cake for all diets gluten free, no sugar added  and diary free.  I also have a option to use only natural food coloring instead of article coloring.
  1. Minion Cake
    Minion Cake
    Sonic cake for my son's 1st birthday party! :)
  2. Sonic Cake
    Sonic Cake
    I made this cake for my best friends husband birthday. $75 For a small character cake.
  3. Double heart cake
    Double heart cake
    This cake is beautiful inside and out with the heart design on the inside and out. It tastes like a chocolate covered strawberry; with Strawberry and chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and a edible fondant rose on top. $65
  4. Cake Pops
    Cake Pops
    Super colorful, with sprinkles, stripes and heart shaped cakes pops. $45
  5. Figurine Cake
    Figurine Cake
    These characters were sculpted out of fondant and are 100% edible. This cake was made for a 4 year old girls birthday party. The kids loved it!
  6. Lucky Leprechaun Cake
    Lucky Leprechaun Cake
    A cake for every Holiday. Around $65 for a cake like this one.
  7. Three themed cake
    Three themed cake
    Three Tier Figurine cake, Cherry Jam, from Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon, on top, Tinkerbell in the center cake and the Little Mermaid under the sea! :) Vanilla and orange gluten free cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow Fondant. It would be about $300 for a cake like this one.
  8. Double heart Cakes
    Double heart Cakes
    Hearts inside and out. The heart on the inside is strawberry cake and surrounding the heart is chocolate cake. So delicious! $65
  9. Easter Cake
    Easter Cake
    Gluten free Vanilla cake, with buttercream frosting, and a surprise center with candy eggs inside! Decorated with modeling chocolate. $95 for a cake similar to this one.
  10. Elegant wedding cakes
    Elegant wedding cakes
    This is the very first cake I've ever done, but I did get a lot of help from my sister Heather Walker. This one was chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, then covered with Fondant. $205 for a cake similar to this one. (See service page for more details on prizes)
  11. Jack Skelaton Cake
    Jack Skelaton Cake
    Perfect for Nightmare Before Christmas lovers like my husband. This was his birthday cake. Vanilla cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting topped with marshmallow Fondant. $150
  12. Minion cakes
    Minion cakes
    Vanilla cake with raspberry jelly filling and buttercream frosting. $185
  13. It really is a cake!
    It really is a cake!
    Red velvet cake with buttercream frosting and fondant work! :)
  14. Pizza Cake
    Pizza Cake
    This pizza cake I decorated for my husband, it turned out awesome! Red Velvet cake with buttercream frosting and marshmallow Fondant to decorate and fruit leather as pepperoni. $55
  15. Lucky Leprechaun Cake
    Lucky Leprechaun Cake
    Rainbow layers inside. Apple cake with salted caramel frosting. Decorated with marshmallow Fondant. $65 for a cake similar to this one.
  16. No sugar added
    No sugar added
    This Cake has No Sugar and Artificial sweeteners added. It is sweetened with Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that is actually GOOD FOR YOUR TEETH, and diabetics can eat it! I also used fruit to color the frosting a like pink and purple. This cake is perfect for health conscience people. Call me to order your sugar free cake today. $55 for a cake like this one.
  17. Sun Cake Pop
    Sun Cake Pop
    Gluten free vanilla cake with buttercream and covered in modeling chocolate. $35 for a dozen or $3 each.
  18. Pink and Blue Vintage Cake
    Pink and Blue Vintage Cake
    Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting decorated with marshmallow Fondant and sculpted Fondant flowers. $120 for a cake with these kinds of flavors and flowers.
  19. Graduation Cap Cupcakes
    Graduation Cap Cupcakes
    Moist Vanilla cupcakes filled with Bavarian cream topped with fluffy buttercream frosting and a marshmallow fondant graduation caps. $50 for a dozen.
  20. Tie cupcakes
    Tie cupcakes
    Moist Chocolate cupcakes filled with Chocolate Bavarian cream topped with buttercream frosting and marshmallow fondant ties. $55 for a dozen.
  21. White shirt and Tie Cake.
    White shirt and Tie Cake.
    Dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry jam and topped with chocolate hazelnut buttercream frosting and decorated with marshmallow fondant. $65 for a cake similar to this one.

  1. Wedding Cakes Available
    We decorate modern and elegant cakes with 100% edible flowers and figurines. They are so beautiful you won't want to eat them.
  2. Character Cakes available
    What ever your theme is we can create it, anything from Little Mermaid figurines topper to giant Minions cake. They are almost to good to dig into.
  3. CakePops & Cupcakes Available
    Cake pops and Cupcakes are so in right now and so fun for baby showers, birthday parties and even weddings. They are so cute and we do all sorts of fun and modern designs.